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Accidents, Injuries and Chiropractic

Our Dangerous World

It’s a rare life that hasn’t been punctured by a traumatic brush (or collision) with reality. And although accidents may be unavoidable, much of the physical damage and suffering resulting from accidental injuries may, in many cases, be avoided with chiropractic care.

Anyone who has been in any accident should make sure that the trauma has not misaligned their spinal column and caused nerve damaging vertebral subluxations.

Vertebral subluxations are spinal abnormalities or misalignments that upset body balance and can cause malfunction and disease.

Anyone who has been in an accident needs a chiropractic spinal check-up to ensure their spine is free from these abnormalities. Only a chiropractor is trained to analyze the spine in this way.

Minor Accidents

Most accidents are minor. In those cases chiropractic care should be sought out as quickly as possible. Too often severe health problems first began as a little fall, whiplash, bump, or shakeup that may have caused some pain initially but was later forgotten.

Many times chiropractic patients have discovered that the cause of their present complaints was a childhood fall or even birth trauma. There may have been no broken bones or serious bleeding but there was spinal damage that was never corrected. The medical doctors may have checked them and said that they were fine.

Millions of people leave emergency rooms unaware that they are carrying around hidden spinal distortions that may cause severe health problems at a later date.

What About Serious Accidents and Trauma?

Is chiropractic care helpful in serious accidents? Absolutely! But in such situations it is necessary to first attend to any life-threatening emergency such as bleeding or hemorrhage, stopping of breath, loss of fluid electrolytes, internal organ damage, broken bones, serious contusions or abrasions, shock, and the like. This is the specialty of the medical profession: dealing with trauma.

It must be emphasized that chiropractic is not against necessary medical care. In emergencies all must be done to save life and limb. The M.D.s will work at stopping bleeding, stitching broken skin together, setting the broken ends of bone together, removing bullets, supplying lost bodily fluids, controlling shock and other procedures to stabilize the patient so that they are out of immediate danger.

But after the medical doctors have done their work there is a pause. In that pause everyone sits back and waits for the real healing to begin. That’s the scene in the movies when they say, “We’ve done all we could, now he’s in God’s hands.”

What Heals?

Although the surgeon may set the ends of the broken bones together the pieces do not automatically heal. And although a doctor may sew the torn flesh together with stitches the skin does not automatically mend. It is our innate healing ability that will knit the pieces to become as one bone again. It is the body’s healing ability that will turn the fragments of skin into the seamless surface it was before injury.

It is not stitches or medicines or artificial devices that heal. If that were true than a corpse would heal when given the right pills and surgery and fresh donor blood.

Only Life Heals

It is the goal of all doctors to remove any interference’s to the normal expression of life and create an environment that nurtures healing. That’s what happens in that pause when all wait to see if the patient will recover.

True healing is not done by doctors, it is performed by the wisdom of our miraculous bodies. Hearing is indeed one of natures miracles. It is as miraculous and mysterious as the miracle of birth for in both life is created and recreated.

In that pause, when it is safe to do so, the body should receive the chiropractic care that it desperately needs. In a serious accident the communication lines between the brain and the rest of the body can be seriously interrupted by vertebral subluxations.

Too often however, many people who have been in an accident never receive chiropractic care and never truly recover from their injuries. Within their spine is nerve pressure (or spinal nerve stress) that continues to cause damage and interfere with their body’s health and healing.

After the Accident?

Residual problems may linger for months, years, or decades after an accident. There may be musculoskeletal problems (the muscles and bones are affected) or neuro-musculoskeletal (the nerves, muscles, and bones are affected). Commonly called “pinched” nerves there may be pains or muscle spasms in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, legs, back, face, or head upon movement or when standing and sitting for long periods. The pain may radiate to other parts of the body.

Other post-accident problems may include insomnia, mental dullness, nervousness, anxiety, depression, constipation, diarrhea, headache, hearing and vision problems or reduced joint motion and other symptoms.

Weakened Immune System

It is not unusual for serious health conditions top develop after an accident due to trauma weakening the body’s immune system. A body in a weakened, run down state can develop conditions it’s predisposed to, reveal genetic constitutional weakness or “awaken” old “sleeping” injuries or weakness.

This isn’t only true for physical health but for mental health as well. It’s not unusual to hear relatives or friends noticing a loved one’s personality change after an accident or trauma. This is sometimes referred to as “post traumatic stress disorder”. Even after the best medical care accident victims often continue to suffer from pain, weakness and disability. Such victims may continue to take pain killers, muscle relaxants, various therapies or repeated surgery for years after the accident.

Like a Walking Medicine Cabinet

“I feel like a walking medicine cabinet”, is too often the lament of the post-accident victim. Sometimes the have flare-ups every so often that may debilitate them for days, weeks or months. Being drugged up all the time may deaden the pain, but does precious little or nothing towards healing.

“You’ll Have To Live With It”

These people are often told nothing more can be done, that they’ll have to learn to live with their problems.

It is an unfortunate fact based on medical statistics over half of the victims of auto accidents never fully recover under medical (including orthopedic) care. There is still pain, disability and other constant reminders that they were hurt and haven’t fully healed. These people need to know that a very important aspect of their care is still missing. The medical doctors haven’t checked their spinal alignment for spinal nerve pressure that may be causing pain or other symptoms and preventing proper healing.

They need to know that in many cases chiropractic care may totally eliminate or greatly reduce their problems safely, quickly and without drugs or surgery.

All people who have been in an accident or trauma should see a chiropractor to have their spinal column checked for nerve pressure caused by vertebral subluxations or spinal stress. A chiropractor can make the difference between life with pain, disability and sickness and between a life of true recovery, activity and accomplishment.