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Covid 19 Update

My first thoughts are for those who are sick, suffering, or grieve the loss of life, secondly, to those who are struggling during this terrible time in the world. However, if I use strict measures to as stay as safe as possible from potentially spreading the Covid19, then I can continue to help those patients who are in pain and suffering.

Therefore, Harborside Chiropractic has adopted the following practice hours and procedures:

- Limited Hours by appointment only.

- Please do not make an appointment if you have any cold or flu type symptoms. In that case contact your PCP.

- Patients appointments are scheduled 15 minutes apart - no overlapping appointments - no patients in waiting room.
if you see more than one car in the parking lot, call from your cell phone before coming to the door.

- Sanitizes all contacted surfaces and himself before and after each patient visit.

- Dr Taylor will be using a mask, we recommend you wear one too.

1. Masks on when closer than 6 feet away.
2. Masks off when 6 feet or more away

a picture of Dr. William Taylor

a picture of Dr. William Taylor